Just Do Yoga Calendar

Not sure which class to do? Follow this calendar and Just Do Yoga!

I have hand selected classes for you so that you don’t have to think about which class to take. Think of it as a yoga cleanse for your body and soul!

Some days are longer days of yoga, and some are shorter.  The plan?? Just Do Yoga! You can always add on an ab session or a stretch session.  This calendar is meant to keep you on track, keep you doing yoga daily: no matter if it’s 15 minutes or 45 minutes.

February Calendar

Download, print, follow and track yourself through the month! Discover new classes and join me on the mat to just do yoga!

Follow the links below to go directly to the class or Click Here for all of this month’s classes

You will notice we have some repeat classes throughout the month: yes, that’s intentional.  When you do a class once that’s great; when you do a class 3 times or more, you start improving, advancing, and mastering certain aspects of the class. Copy the calendar, Post it in a place where you will look at it and Just Do Yoga!  Thank yourself for showing up on the mat every day!


Friday, February 1st: 15-minute Power Yoga & 5-Minute Abs

Saturday, February 2nd: Self Care Deep Stretch (29 min)

Week 2

Sunday, February 3rd: Inversion Flow (45 min)

Mon, Feb 4th: NEW Class! Funky Flow (16 min)5-Minute Abs

Tue, Feb 5th: Stretches for Low Back Pain (22 min) & Lead Sivasana (10 min)

Wed, Feb 6th: Strengthen & Tone (30 min)

Thur, Feb 7th: 15-min Booty Burn5-Minute Abs

Fri, Feb 8th: Nora’s Favorite Stretch Variations (44 min)

Sat, Feb 9th: 15-minute Power Yoga & 15-min Core Work

Week 3

Sun, Feb 10th: Flowing with Blocks (30 min)

Mon, Feb 11th: NEW Class! Sweet Yin (17 min) & Neck & Shoulder Opener (8 min)

Tue, Feb 12th:15-minute Power Yoga &15-min Core Work

Wed, Feb 13th: Healing Gentle Yoga Flow (43 min)

Thur, Feb 14th: Slow Burn (30 min) & 15-min Hip Stretches

Fri, Feb 15th: Funky Flow (16 min) & Activate Your Core (15 min)

Sat, Feb 16th: Self Care Deep Stretch (30 min)Lead Sivasana (10 min)

Week 4

Sun, Feb 17th: Morning Routine (28 min)

Mon, Feb 18th: NEW Class! Leg & Booty Burn (min) & 15-min Hip Stretches

Tue, Feb 19th: Inversion Flow (45 min)

Wed, Feb 20th: Stretch That Body Flow (26 min)Lead Sivasana (10 min)

Thur, Feb 21st: Nora’s Favorite Stretch Variations (44 min)

Fri, Feb 22nd: Leg & Booty Burn (45 min) & Activate Your Core (15 min)

Sat, Feb 23rd: Yin Yoga (50 min)

Week 5

Sun, Feb 24th: Weight Loss Burn (50 min)

Mon, Feb 25th: NEW Class! Low Back Love (20 min)

Tue, Feb 26th: Strengthen & Tone (30 min)

Wed, Feb 27th: Slow Burn (30 min) & Neck and Shoulder Opener (8 min)

Thur, Feb 28th: Sweet Gentle Yoga Flow (17 min) & Quickie Deep Stretch (13 min)

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